Charter Destinations

Larsoy Travel & Yachting offers many options for cruising the Kas Kekova Riviera and can tailor a tour plan to suit our guests.

  • Day trips (10:00 – 17:30 including lunch)
    1- Kaş Islands, Coves and Bays.
    2 – Sunken City of Kekova Tour

  • Sunset tours ( 18:30 – 21:30 with dinner option )
  • Multi-day trips along lycian coast (3 night 4 days )
  • One week cruises
    1-  Kaş – Kalkan – Fethiye – Göcek – Kaş
    2- Weekly Kas & Kekova Riviera
  • Honeymoon packages

Choose from one of our popular trips or chart your own course!

Visits to many of the historic villages and towns along the coast make for a welcome onshore break to brows the shops, historic ruins or simply enjoy the surroundings and the wonder which is Turkey.



The Capital of Light, Kas is a small town on the Mediterranean just outside Antalya City, Turkey and is the home port for Larsoy Yachting.

Kas attracts many visitors each year for its historical significance, fascinating nature attractions and for its magnificent clear, blue waters.

The sheltered nature of the cove and the onshore facilities, has made Kas a popular home base for many yacht and boat charter operators, and a wide range of support services has developed around the marina industry.

Kas is the gateway to many wonderful cruise options throughout Mediterranean Turkey for culture tours, Greek Island visits, exploring historic caves and ruins or simply sailing away for a wonderful dinner at one of the many coastal restaurants.


Kekova Island is located to the west of Antalya and is the most popular destination for day boat trips and a welcome anchorage for yachts on extended cruises.

The stony coastline provides fascinating scenery and many points of interest including caves, goat farming and pyramids of smouldering wood as the peasants create charcoal to sell and use.

On the mainland opposite Kekova Island, you will pass and may choose to stop at Teimiussa to see the historic ruins of the Lycian necropolis with its chest style tombs along the coastline.

In addition to a fantastic anchorage to access for swimming, Kekova offers the opportunity to go ashore and meander through along the tracks and see the fascinating wildlife and rocky environment for which Turkey is famous.


Day Trips

Local Islands Trip

Local Islands Trip

The Kas Kekova Riviera is famous for its islands and on this day trip we visit one idyllic location after another!

Would you like to have best and perfect sailing holiday in Kas – Kekova area of Turkey ?

That’s a big statement to make, but it’s true.

The reason it is perfect is because there are so much included in this experience that you would not expect.

The day begins with me (Cpt. Erdem) contacting you to make sure that you know how to find the Kas Setur Marina and the sailing yacht. He confirms with you your day’s desires – where you would like to go, what you would like to do, etc. If you’re not sure, he will make suggestions.

You will be departing at 10:00 o’clock. His chef prepares a coffee and cookie plate for you as you get under way, delivering it to you as you sit on comfortable cushions at the front of the boat (or wherever else you’d like to site), taking in the morning air as you depart Kas marina. After your first round of snorkeling, swimming, or sightseeing, the Captain navigates to a calm and secluded place to anchor for lunch. (He takes you to an amazing set of underwater caves and a shipwreck for a snorkeling adventure, which he suited up for and guides you for the most amazing snorkeling trip you would ever have )

And the lunch. The chef prepares a multi-course meal on the ship, from fresh ingredients, and serves at perfect temperatures. There are FISH, STEAK, MEATBALLS or CHICKEN options as a main dish with rice, salad and 5-6 different kind of Turkish mezes. All are prepared daily , freshly on board. The accompanying wine selection, leaving you to eat on the deck’s dining table in the beautiful surroundings.
Then off to more snorkeling, swimming, and sightseeing spots, letting you help pilot this beautiful 45′ sailing yacht. Which is a thrill that can’t be matched – sailing the Mediterranean with family or friends, and not a care in the world. Just when you think it can not get better, the chef shows up at your resting spot near the front of the boat with a self-prepared fruit plate of fresh watermelon, grapes, bananas, nectarines, and other tasty treats with amazing presentation and tastes.
Again, off to more adventures as you cruise Turkish islands and more of the Mediterranean.

As the sun starts to set, there is another tea and cofee service with cookies.

If you are at daily trip we return back to Kas Marina around 18:00 o’clock.

If you are out for overnight trip we anchor at one of the nice, quite mooring spot for the night.
Around 20:00 o’clock you will have your dinner which is again prepared freshly on board.

After enjoying your evening, you can either sleep under the stars at the deck or at your large king size bed at the cabin.

Next day starts when ever you like with sea, sun and nice breakfast.

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Kas to Kekova

This day trip is one of the most popular and no wonder as you stop off at all the significant landmarks while spending plenty of time on Tundra, sailing, snorkelling and swimming in the captivating torquise waters.

Highlights of this trip include tranquil Inonu Bay; snorkelling in Aquarium Bay; sailing above the historic Sunken City which was destroyed by an earthquake in the second century;  view the surrounding islands from Simena and Kalekoy; enjoy a refreshing Turkish tea and swim in Yaglica Bay before a final dip at Sulu Island and return to Kas.

Kas to Kalkan

Kas to Kalkan

A wonderful one day cruise, stopping at so many amazing places you will feel like you have been on holiday for a week.

This trip includes swimming and snorkelling at Maradi Island, splash the sea to a phosphorescent  blue at Blue Cave, feel the white sand between your toes at Kaputas Beach before a lunch stop at Kalkan. The return trip includes a refreshing Turkish tea at Sidek Island before arriving back at Kas.

Aperlai Trip

This day trip is ideal for those especially interested in Turkish ancient history as we pass by the Lycian tombs to the deserted ruins of Aperlai which was a very important city in ancient times and dates back to the 4th century BC.

The trip includes stops at Inonu Bay, Aperlai, Sariot Island which is famous for its wide variety of birds before a final swim in the waters if Limanagzi Bay where you can see the ancient Lycian tombs under the waters.

Aperlai Trip
Multi-Day Trips

Multi-Day Trips

Sailing holidays with Larsoy Travel & Yachting are idyllic and we know you will want to spend many more than just one day with us, so we offer a range of multi-day trips to suit everyone.

Kas Kekova Explore Cruise: 4 Day Cruise

Mediterranean Turkey has an amazing and diverse range of activities and points of interest to offer travellers and exploring the Kas Kekova region on a week long sailing holiday is the perfect way to experience the wonderment.

Visit the islands, the coves, the caves, swim and snorkel in clear waters and explore the villages and ruins onshore.

The itinerary can be tailored to suit your special interests.

Kas Kekova Explore Cruise: 4 Day Cruise

Kaş to Göcek: 1 Week Cruise

This is an ideal cruise for travellers wanting a sailing holiday during their shore based travels. Skipper Dundar will sail you from Kas to Göcek.

This cruise takes in the highlights of the Kas – Kalkan – Fethiye and Gocek with stop off destinations tailored to your taste and interests.

Kas to Olympos : 1 Week Cruise

For those on coach tours around Turkey, this cruise is most welcome with 1 week  in the magnificent sun and sea in the luxury of our  Beneteau Oceanis 48 Sailing yacht or Fountain Pajot Lipari 41 Catamaran.. See the Byzantine ruins and historic landmarks from a totally different perspective from the sea before rejoining your land-based itinerary.


Honeymoon Packages

From one night to one week, a Larsoy Travel & Yachting sailing holiday is an idyllic way to celebrate your marriage, relax after the busy wedding days and enjoy the company of your partner in the privacy and comfort of our Beneteau Oceanis 48 & Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41 Catamaran.

Magical Moments Become Cherished Memories with Evita Yachting, Skippered Sailing Holidays & Day Trips.

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