Sailing holiday in Kas – Antalya

sail-in-kas“Once upon a time a mighty king, Attalus the Second who desired to establish himself a legendary city asked his men to find heaven on the earth and conquer the land. His men traveled the earth, wandered through the famous lands of invincible empires; day and night they searched for heaven. They came back empty-handed because no place around the world was as beautiful as the cove they knew in the city of Attalus the Second. Thus the city of the king was established just there in other words in the heaven on the earth….”

Since thousands of years the beauty of the region of Antalya was told as such; indeed a heaven found on earth. Antalya is like a beautiful young girl who just met her yet blossoming femininity, lying at her side delicately on the coast of Mediterranean.  She is generous for she offers her secret, ravishing curves or even coves for her ever lustful lover Tundra who is willing and patient enough to explore. Millions of tourists come to visit Antalya from all over the world every year, what they know is nothing less than the men of Attalus the Second, who traveled the whole world.

sail_in_kas_with_evitaThe cities which are lined up along the Mediterranean coast have always been the center of attention throughout the history. These cities mesmerize you at the first glance with their grandeur green and splendid blue vista. Evita Yachting has chosen one of the most beautiful places along Mediterranean coast as home port for itself. Kas is a small town near Antalya which offers its natural beauties as well as its rich history to its visitors. The latest model, safe and secure, skippered yacht, Tundra will meet you at Kas and take you to another wonderful destination, Kekova. Kekova is located on the west side of Antalya and provides a wide range of natural charms such as a stony coastline, caves and pyramids.  Do not lose time for finding a better place on earth because Evita Yachting has already done that for you.

sail_evitaDo not charter any yacht, charter Tundra and you can enjoy the tranquil sea on your yacht and make love with Mediterranean all by yourself. A distinguished, undiscovered route from Kas to Kekova will take you to heaven and back. We offer qualified daily or 3-4 days of yacht tours from Kas to Kekova depending on your preference. Our professional and experienced skipper will sure take you to the myriad heavens in the heaven. You can as well dive in deeper and explore the deep sea in addition to bringing your own menu according to your taste. Surprise and spoil your lover, make an unforgettable memory with your best friends, present your parents a holiday worth a lifelong rest or give your children great memories in the most beautiful place of the world with Evita yacht chartering services.

You can also wander within the untouched coves of this unique beauty accompanying the daring and inexhaustible lover of her, Tundra. Join our irresistible yacht tours in the most beautiful coves near Antalya, namely Kas and Kekova. Explore the heaven on earth in a luxurious yacht fitting the magnificence of the sea it sails on and forget about all your troubles, yearly and even lifelong stresses. Our hospitable and welcoming crew will make you feel at home on Tundra, a Bavaria 45 Cruisersailing yacht of a worldwide acclaimed quality. You can charter this amazing yacht with a professional skipper who is familiar with your route thus you and your loved ones can enjoy a safe, private and qualified sailing experience exploring the most magical places of Kas and Kekova on the Mediterranean.

tundra_bavaria_45Evita yachting offers you the best sailing experience for the best prices since you may picnic on your private yacht as well. As Evita Yachting we provide you the opportunity of a wonderful vacation experience by chartering a skippered yacht for you. Except Tundra and his professional skipper our visitors also pay for additional services as well as for their peculiar demands. However, a distinguished yacht chartering brand, Evita also provides its clients the convenience of picnicking or bringing their preferred menus on the yacht. This way, you may buy a wonderful yacht trip for more affordable i.e. wonderful prices. You will feel safe with our credible and well educated captain in your yacht and enjoy the green of nature uniting with the unrealistic blue of the Mediterranean. Evita Kas-Kekova Yacht Tours offers you a dream like experience that you have deserved long before.

Don’t take risks to enter the heaven in the afterlife, when you already have the chance to do it here and now.